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Jeff Maville
New Hampshire
I bought a 2005 ford fx4 f150 silver from you in 2011. remember i flew down from new hampshire and drove it back. just wanted to let you know its still running great. it is coming up on two years since my purchase and im very pleased with this truck. ive added a tonneu cover and ford black step sides. runs through any snow storm that gets thrown at it. i drove it to the highest summit in the u.s. mt washington n.h. while on a skiing trip very dependable. springs coming so it will be nice to open the windows again. take care and thanks. jeff maville
Google User
Orlando, FL
I bought a trailblazer from this dealership a few months back and the place is clean and the people are very nice and treat you like family! The best part of all is the prices you just cant beat them!
Yellow Pages User
Orlando, FL
This used car dealership by far is the best I have been to. The salesman is very kind and outgoing and for the most and best part he is honest unlike any used car dealership ive been to! Another thing id like to point out is that they were by far the best price and value I could find on my chevy impala I bought from them. They serviced it and had an inspection on it before I purchased this car and it is very reliable and clean! The location is good and easy to find and is very clean. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone!
Dealer Rater User
I purchased a Lincoln Continental from Orange Sports Center A few months ago and I was a bit skeptical on buying a car from a "used car dealer". The car was actually the lowest price on the autotrader and as I could see in the pictures of this car it was very nice and clean and I could not understand why the price was so low because everywhere else I found these certain cars the price was way higher so I started wondering if there were mechanical issues with the car so I had to see it for myself. I went to Orange Sports Center the next day and as I pulled up the place was actually clean and the cars were lined up nicely and I saw the Lincoln and it looked as it did in the pictures so I went inside to talk to someone and the salesperson at Orange Sports Center his name was Sean and he was a very nice salesmen he was not pushy at all like the usual sales people you have to deal with. He worked with me and showed me the car which I was very happy with and ended up buying the car and still runs and drives great today and never had a problem with it. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone! They have great Prices, a clean and organized place and great people who work there!